C-TEC Window Cleaner 5L


Powerful cleaning solution for windows and hard surfaces
Quickly removes even the toughest dirt and grime
Dries quickly to a streak-free finish
Biodegradable surfactants that are gentle on the environment
Easy-to-use formula
Colour-coded labelling for easy identification and training
Manufactured in New Zealand

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C-TEC Window Cleaner 5 Litres
If you’re tired of windows that never seem to stay clean, it’s time to switch to C-TEC Window Spraywipe. This powerful cleaning solution is not only perfect for windows, but also for a variety of hard surfaces. With its high-performance solvent and ammonia formula, C-TEC Window Spraywipe quickly removes even the toughest dirt and grime.

One of the best things about C-TEC Window Spraywipe is that it dries quickly to a streak-free finish. So you can say goodbye to those annoying streaks that always seem to appear after cleaning your windows. And because it is a spraywipe, it can also remove fat and food soils from most hard surfaces.

But what really sets C-TEC Window Spraywipe apart is its biodegradable surfactants. This means that not only is it tough on dirt, it’s also gentle on the environment. And with its easy-to-use formula, you’ll be able to clean your windows and surfaces in no time.

C-TEC Window Spraywipe is manufactured right here in New Zealand, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product that’s made to last. And with its colour-coded labelling, you’ll be able to easily identify the product and train your staff quickly and efficiently.


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