C-TEC Easy Creme Liquid Scourer 5 Litre


Natural abrasive formula effectively removes tough stains and marks
Gentle on most hard surfaces, without harsh scratching
Powerful cleaning solution for kitchen and bathroom
Ready to use and can be decanted to labelled bottle 25119566
Made in New Zealand

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Powerful and gentle cream liquid scourer for easy cleaning
Looking for a powerful and gentle cleaning solution for your kitchen and bathroom? Look no further than C-TEC Easy Creme Liquid Scourer 5L. Made with a natural abrasive, this cream liquid scourer is tough on soil and soap residue, yet gentle enough to use on most hard surfaces without harsh scratching that scouring powders can cause.

With its active ingredients, C-TEC Easy Creme Liquid Scourer 5L quickly gets to work on tough grease and heavy soiling. Marks and stains are quickly removed, and the abrasive softly brings surfaces back to a polished shine. It’s easy on surfaces, while hard on dirt. This powerful cleaning solution is ready to use and can be decanted to a labelled bottle 25119566.

Made in New Zealand, C-TEC Easy Creme Liquid Scourer 5L is perfect for keeping your workplace clean and hygienic. Use it to clean kitchen counters, sinks, and bathroom surfaces. Its natural abrasive formula makes it a great choice for removing tough stains and marks from most hard surfaces.

For a cleaning solution that’s powerful, gentle, and effective, choose C-TEC Easy Creme Liquid Scourer 5L.


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